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Richard Weisser, Former Candidate for Georgia House District 71

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"No citizen should ever have to pay to figure out how much tax they owe ." (Richard Weisser 2013)


Seven states do not do it all all. Two other states do not tax wages. In reality, a state can fiscally survive without an income tax.

It is true that if State Income Taxes were eliminated, the lost revenue would have to be generated from other sources. But think about this:

There is a large underground cash economy that pays no income tax at all. In many cases, not only do these evaders benefit from paying no income taxes, but they also are an additional drain on government services that are income dependent.

If you are not certain which GA House District you live in you can find out at the Georgia Secretary of State My Voter Page!

Early Voting in Coweta County!

Early Voting in Fayette  County!

There is also a cost for compliance associated with the Georgia Income Tax Codes. Year after year taxpayers pay to have their tax Georgia Income Tax returns prepared.

Additionally, there is a burden placed on the state to verify records and to audit taxpayers. These funds could be used for education or our beleaguered state parks.

Where would the lost revenue be offset? Consumption taxes would lead the way with an additional 2% sales tax.

Also, the Ga State Transfer Tax on Real Property could be raised from the current ling-standing low rate of one dollar per thousand to three dollars per thousand.

Wage-earners need to be rewarded for their hard work, and not punished for it. By letting workers take home more in the paychecks every week the ecomomy could be instantly stimulated!

Richard and his wife Gladwyne live in East Coweta County. Richard has been taking photographs for years, and his photographs have appeared in many publications and as a backdrop for a speech for President Georgia W. Bush. He is an avid musician, and has written a daily real estate blog since 2008.

"I really need your vote on February 5! And I need volunteers to help me get the word out. Feel free to contact me directly at 770-827-6225 or email me at"

"Public service is all about giving, and NOT about taking!"

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