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Richard Weisser, Former Candidate for Georgia House District 71

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Opening and closing statement notes for Candidate Forum held at the Wadsworth Auditorium on January 17, 2013:

If you are not certain which GA House District you live in you can find out at the Georgia Secretary of State My Voter Page!

Early Voting in Coweta County!

Early Voting in Fayette  County!

Opening statement:

My Name is Richard Weisser and I am a licensed real estate broker. A mere nine days ago I made the decision to enter the race for the open seat in House District 71.

As I rode home from the Secretary of State’s office after qualifying, my phone started to ring. Within fifteen minutes of qualifying I began to get calls from political consultants that wanted to help me win the election.

I graciously declined their offers.

I am not politically connected and I consider that to be an attribute.

I am honest, open and straightforward. I believe that people have a right to good government that represents the interests of the electorate and not of outside special interests.

I feel that the key areas in our district that need improvement are education, the economy and controlled development that improves the quality of life without destroying our natural and historic heritage.

I also hope to increase the disposable income of wage-earners by eliminating the state income tax.

I am seeking this high position to prove that public service can really be about serving the public!

And I look forward to answering any and all questions tonight!"

Closing Statement:

"When I am elected, I will serve diligently and with a constant eye towards serving my district.

Every vote that I take into consideration or author in the State House will be measured against the benchmark of the express expectations of the people of District 71. The key to representative government is understanding the needs and wants of the electorate.

My door will always be open and I will always listen to my constituency and address their concerns.

I intend to earn votes based on merit and not showmanship. While I do not know how to play the political game I do know the difference between right and wrong and good and evil and I would not be here if I did not believe that I am the best person for the job.

I respectfully ask that you consider me for this important position. When I am elected I promise that I will carry out my duties with dignity and honor."

Richard and his wife Gladwyne live in East Coweta County. Richard has been taking photographs for years, and his photographs have appeared in many publications and as a backdrop for a speech for President Georgia W. Bush. He is an avid musician, and has written a daily real estate blog since 2008.

"I really need your vote on February 5! And I need volunteers to help me get the word out. Feel free to contact me directly at 770-827-6225 or email me at"

"Public service is all about giving, and NOT about taking!"

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