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Photos of Georgia, Cape Cod, the 1996 Atlanta Olympics free for publication.

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Welcome to my Railroad page.  I have loved trains since I was a kid and have taken many photos of trains, rolling stock and railroad structures.  I will add as many features as time permits, but if you have any questions, ideas, or suggestions do not hesitate to write!

One of my favorite shortlines is the Hartwell RR.  This line was originally all of eleven miles long and ran from the Southern Railway in Bowersville, Georgia through Airline and terminated in Hartwell, Georgia.  Today it has leased trackage from the Southern Railway and runs the line between Toccoa and Elberton.  The railroad crossing graphic on this page was made from one of the original crossing signs in Hartwell.  The railroad had a scenic steam excursion for a short time, but, as I was told, the untimely death of one of the owners led to financial difficulties.  This story  is from a railfan's perspective and is not meant to be in any chronological or historical order.  Comments and corrections are appreciated.HartwellRR_on_trestle_small.jpg (2216 bytes) The photos I have cover the time period of 1984 to the present.  I had the pleasure of riding the tourist excursion train in 1985 and was able to capture this photo on a subsequent visit.  This trestle over Lake Hartwell is one of the highlights of the trip and everyone always looks forward to it.  One of the more modern locomotives isRR 3016.jpg (58282 bytes)number 3016, a former D&RG EF423-D02 class that was acquired in 1995.  I took this photo at the Airline maintenance shops in the winter of 1997.   The maintenance area is a railfan's delight.  Lots of sidings and maintenance equipment that keep the shutterbug's lens clicking.RR Tank at Airline.jpg (53454 bytes)  If you want to model an entire railroad, the Hartwell Railroad would be ideal.  It begins with a wye at the Southern RailwayRR Station fron Ash Dumpjpg.jpg (50957 bytes) in Bowersville, and winds though farm pastures, along old roads, and through the backyards of local residences, through the maintenance and storage area at Airline, past several sidings at a lumberyard, a gas company and a cement plant.  Then it's over the trestle on Lake Hartwell and on into the business section of Hartwell. 

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