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Richard Weisser, Former Candidate for Georgia House District 71

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"Good government should be the expectation, not the exception." (Richard Weisser 2013)

If you are not certain which GA House District you live in you can find out at the Georgia Secretary of State My Voter Page!

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Richard Weisser is seeking the office of Representative for Georgia House District 71. On Tuesday, February 5 2013 a special election will be held to fill the vacancy left by the resignation of Robert Stokely.

Richard is a Georgia licensed Real Estate Broker and Auctioneer. He is a fiscal conservative that believes in smaller government and lower taxes. Richard believes in responsible management of natural resources, and is a dedicated environmentalist, conservationist and historic preservationist:

"Progress is not predicated on destroying our natural and architectural heritage."

Richard also firmly embraces the representative form of government. He is NOT part of the political establishment and owes no duties to anyone other that the electorate:

"Politicians should represent their constituents, and NOT special interest groups."

Richard believes that stabilizing the district economy is the number one priority:

"It's all about jobs, plain and simple. Without jobs there can be no recovery."

Mr. Weisser also subscribes to the philosophy that education is the cornerstone of prosperity. He wants to focus on improving Georgia schools to prepare students to compete in a global economy:

"How can we reconcile the fact that children in China and India are more proficient in Science and Mathematics than our students in the country that led the technological revolution?"

Richard believes that ethics demand that doing the right thing is more important than suffering political consequences.

"The problem with politics is that it is populated with politicians.

Richard and his wife Gladwyne live in East Coweta County. Richard has been taking photographs for years, and his photographs have appeared in many publications and as a backdrop for a speech for President Georgia W. Bush. He is an avid musician, and has written a daily real estate blog since 2008.

"I really need your vote on February 5! And I need volunteers to help me get the word out. Feel free to contact me directly at 770-827-6225 or email me at"

"Public service is all about giving and NOT about taking!"

If you are not certain which GA House District you live in you can find out at the Georgia Secretary of State My Voter Page!

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